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76. Serenade pour flute et guitarre by Gaude, Theodor
77. Variations sur une romance de Garat pour flute et guitare by Gaude, Theodor
78. Belliniana by Giuliani, Emilia
79. Rondoletto, guitar, strings, op. 4, D major by Giuliani, Michel
80. Preludes, guitar, op. 46 by Giuliani-Guglielmi, Emilia
81. Beautiful moonlight by Glover, Stephen
82. In the starlight by Glover, Stephen
83. Four easy pieces by Grierson, H.
84. La primavera = Springtime, waltz by Grierson, H.
85. The darkies' dance by Hayden, C. V.
86. The frolic at the husking by Hayden, W. L.. (Winslow L.)
87. Die Gitarre vor 100 Jahren by Henze, Bruno
88. Evangeline by Holland, Justin
89. La sentinelle by Hummel, Johann Nepomuk
90. Serenata prima by Hummel, Johann Nepomuk
91. Grande serenade no. 2 en potpourri by Hummel, Johann Nepomuk
92. Potpourri pour le clavecin avec accomp. de guitarre by Hummel, Johann Nepomuk
93. Polonaise by Janon, C. de
94. The carrier dove by Johnson, D.
95. The dark eyed one by Keene, S.
96. Serenade by Kuffner, Joseph
97. Amusements pour flute et guitarre by Kummer, Gaspard
98. Nocturne pour flute et guitarre by Kummer, Gaspard
99. Serenade by Kummer, Gaspard
100. Bouree by Lambert, Alex